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Two weeks after therapy

The results I see after my VASK Therapy sessions are quick and immediate. We get to the bottom of your problem and delve into the subconscious mind to rewire your anxieties and stress improving your IBS.

Two weeks after a session this could be you:

“I am still feeling absolutely fantastic thank you 😉

Since seeing you, my rock bottom self-esteem has completely gone and you have turned me into a positive whirlwind!My fitness level is still on the up and now I’ve lost 10lb so far. This just makes me want to keep it going now, and don’t think I will ever go back to the couch potato me!💪

I haven’t felt this bloody good in years, although we are physically knackered and mentally drained after the last few manic weeks. But I still feel high!! However after a chill out on holiday next week god knows what I’ll be like when we get back….a whippet on speed 😂
I must be shattered as I don’t think I have managed to hear your recording to the end for over a week now. I keep waking up to silence and my AirPods wedge in my ears and me dribbling on my pillow 🙈🤣

I am still challenging myself to do lots of the things that I had once avoided. I was out and about all weekend at different places.
Anxious???? No!!!
Toilet?? Not an issue!!!
Trying new places??Absolutely!!!

Today our Tom had an appointment at Burton Hospital as he’s having treatment on his teeth. Previously I’d struggle taking him to the hospital as I’ve not been keen since my mum left, and used feel sick going. Today…… absolutely fine😀 So yet another result!!


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