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We come into this world with a breath, and we go out of this world with a breath, yet we don’t seem to enjoy the breath we take in between.
STRESS is the silent killer.

STRESS quietly undermines our well-being.

Our mental and physical health frequently suffer due to stress, which is often at the core of various emotional and physical symptoms.

Identifying the root cause of stress can lead to rapid symptom reduction. Discover your reasons and reclaim your health.

Eliminate stress to alleviate inflammation and remove symptoms.

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    I Can Help You

     Feeling stressed, anxious? Have fears and phobias? Struggling with invisible illness? We know that stress and anxiety can be affect those autoimmune diseases. Addressing these stress, anxiety and invisible illness can help improve your mental health and energy for life.  ….. I can help you! Don’t let stess, anxiety and fear stop you living your life!


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    You've Got This

    It’s time to start living and having fun! YOU’VE GOT THIS! I’m on a mission to help you overcome your stress, anxiety and invisible autoimmune disease, increase your energy and empower your flying confidence through rapid specialist hypnotherapy.


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    My Approach

    In my rapid specialist hypnotherapy, I use a unique blended tools and techniques in my face to face and international online therapy sessions. My approach works wonderfully on drawing out your subconscious, deep-rooted triggers and rewiring them, changing your beliefs or habit of thought to allow for a more permanent, remarkably rapid and profound recovery. A true life-changing experience.


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    What You Get

    When it comes to your mental health there is no one-size-fits-all method and my rapid specialist hypnotherapy takes a unique focus on you as an individual, you also receive a personalised transformational recording to cement your new habit of thought or belief rewiring. Achieve results in overcoming anxiety, stress and fear.


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Fear of Flying?

As a former Flight Supervisor who navigated through the challenges of the 9/11 era,
there’s no one more qualified than me to focus on addressing the
fear of flying.
You feel out of control, you’re not sure you can trust the Cabin Crew
or feel safe in their hands,
and worse of all it comes
out of the blue!
You can’t escape!
Or can you?
   ASK Victoria,
to escape your flight anxiety and holiday stress, with my years of Cabin Crew experience,
I can help you overcome your FEAR OF FLYING. FLIGHT ANXIETY?
It’s time to take your CONFIDENCE back without the need for pills or alcohol


Sue, Kings Bromley

Vicky exudes joy and empathy. She immediately put me at ease. Vicky carefully explains how RTT works and after just one session I cannot believe how different I feel. An invisible weight has been lifted from me and I am able to feel joy for the first time in a very long time. I have been able to let go of long held thoughts, which I never believed possible. I will be back for another session. Thank you Vicky – you are a truly amazing person.


When I had tried everything and thought there was no hope, with no way out…….
I met Vicky !!! Wow how my life has turned round.
I am truly blessed and so happy right now. Would highly recommend Vicky x

Clare, Rugeley

I had my first session with Vicky today. Wow. The session was amazing, Vicky makes you feel comfortable and at ease immediately. She really knows her stuff. Thank you Vicky, after only my first session I feel lighter, more comfortable in myself.
I would highly recommend Vicky to anyone and everyone! Brilliant! Xx


Vicky is a true inspiration herself. I have been through a pretty traumatic time over the years and through a lot especially most recently….I had a session with this beautiful ,lovely lady today well.. all I can say is…’just wow’ !!!. She’s truly blew me away. I can highly recommend Vicky in the therapy she does. She absolutely,100% knows her stuff,she makes you feel relaxed and at ease . Only my first session today but already invited people to her page and recommended her to several people who i know she can help.

Vicky Thank you!! xxx


Wow what a week so far, I had a session with Vicky last Saturday and I can’t believe how much she has help me and my life in just 4 days, before my session I had no confidence no self esteem and battled daily with anxiety and depression I found my job a struggle and felt unappreciated no matter how hard I tried, I found getting out of bed in the morning was enough for one day, I was carrying around what I called a black cloud which was blocking everything, feelings, emotion, drive you name it I was stuck, the thought of seeing a therapist terrified me as I’m not great at talking about my feelings, I carried around the “I’m a man I’m fine” attitude but really I wasn’t, Vicky is not there to judge you and she generally wants to help you, her techniques, skills and caring nature is something I can’t explain, I never thought we would have this kind of support and help in our life time, I would recommend Vicky and rtt to anyone,

Thank you Vicky x

Angela, Cheslyn Hay

I had my first VASK Therapy on Monday, I found the whole experience wonderful, & extremely helpful to me. I feel lighter, as in my body does not feel weighted down & more content. I would recommend Vicky, she has helped me so much.

Nancy Chi

Dear Viki
I never do reviews, but I feel compelled to write to you following my recent RTT session with you.
It was amazing, and I believe I can find my way forward thanks to your skill and professionalism in this wonderful therapy.

I would never have believed that an incident that happened so many years ago would have left such a negative impact on my life .

I now have the tools thanks to you and RTT to move forward in a positive way with the rest of my life.
Finally the recording of the positive mantra you gave me will be invaluable .

So a huge and grateful thank you Viki

Love from Nancy Chi xxx

Stacey, Burntwood

Well first of all I’d like to say what an absolute pleasure it is to say I know this lady! Vicky is a true inspiration, I admire her so much for the work she does and how passionate she is about helping people.
I had my first rtt session yesterday. WOW! Incredibly powerful, I feel so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so ready for my future with a clear head, and the burden of past traumas no longer holding me back from being the person I am! I now know that I AM ENOUGH!
Vicky was so kind and caring, her wealth of knowledge and experience made me feel at ease and very comfortable.
I would highly recommend this to anyone, she can help with so many obstacles in life. Don’t hesitate, just do it, you won’t regret it!! Wish I’d of done it sooner!
Looking forward to my recording sessions to embed what I have already been taught. Thank you so much Vicky you truly are amazing xx

Rachel, Staffordshire

Everyone deserves and needs a session with Vicky. It was an amazing experience which has helped to clear my brain fog and baggage. Now I feel like I’m ready to start my journey.
Vicky was extremely professional and personable. My trust in her ability as a therapist, enabled me to unlock my barriers.
I really didn’t think the therapy would work on me but it did!
I would definitely recommend Vicky to anyone and everyone. I think it’s a necessity!
Thank you Vicky x

Kirsteen, Kings Bromley

I had no idea what to expect from my first session with Vicky today. I just knew I was going to leave feeling different to how I felt when I arrived…..boy was I not wrong.
RTT and VASK therapy is based around hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and psychotherapy. I had an idea where my issues were but this therapy was able to pinpoint and help me address the unhealthy negative thoughts, that we all suffer from, and change my way of thinking. I feel much calmer and at ease with myself. I will listen to the audio file Vicky made specifically for me twice a day to make sure the new thought processes are embedded and become what I believe……I am enough.