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Three weeks after therapy

Following on from my ‘Two weeks after therapy’ story, I checked in for a third week.

The results I give aren’t just temporary they are long term permanent results:

“Is there anything more I can say that I haven’t already said in previous feedback.

Hell Yes…………

I am still perplexed on how you and this Rapid Transformational Therapy can unbelievable change my life so much for the better.

When you have struggled for so long with anxiety, self doubt and a constant negative thought cycle, you almost resign yourself to that’s your life. Not finding a successful treatment in the past you become somewhat cynical to new ideas for fear of nothing working.

Back track to mid June. I was really struggling. This shit was crippling me. I had been to the doctor and basically had to plead for some tablets just to enable me to go about normal day to day tasks. But I knew tablets weren’t the answer and to be honest I hate taking medication. Then I tried Nuffield Health and after a 20 minute phone call at £50 decided that a course of 10 CBT telephone calls @ £90 each would be my best option….🤬

Thank god, I read about you. Lichfield Live popped up on my Facebook page and that’s the day my life changed!!! 😥 God this sounds like the start of a novel………..

Seriously though i can’t thank you enough….. change??? How can I go from running on 25% to then going to 200%?? I’ve blown myself of the rector scale!!

Confidence, loving life, living the dream….oh it feels soooo bloody good 🎉👏💪

But it’s not just my life that’s changed for the better, honestly Adam has been blown away by how I am and that has really impacted on him. He’s so supportive of me and incredibly proud of the journey I’ve been on and how far I have come. Our relationship is now the best it has ever been and he said to me the other day he is the happiest he has ever been. So you haven’t just changed my life you’ve changed his!!!”

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