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IBS – Really?

Have you got symptoms of IBS?

Do you realise it’s IBS or have you just put it down to something else….. stress, anxiety?

My client didn’t know she had IBS:

“Over the last 30 or so years I have struggled on and off with anxiety/ panic attacks. I was never able to relate to how this began but it started off with just feeling a little claustrophobic in a small space but then gradually over the years prevented me from leading a normal life.

For years I didn’t like being in a place where I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t get out. This would be places like on public transport, or going to the dentist or going for an interview. I started to avoid these situations as much as possible, but sometimes I couldn’t avoid them. I would get really anxious beforehand, perhaps feeling quite sick and having to go to the toilet before attending. Sometimes I might take a tablet of some description before to make sure I didn’t need the toilet whilst I was there. This became a habit, which then progressed. Sometimes I could go to the toilet 5 or 6 times before going out. I would feel hot a clammy and sometimes feel physically sick. I approached the doctor on several occasions over the years and they just prescribed various pills to help with anxiety.

As time has gone on it just got worse. I would be going out with friends for a night out and I would get really worried about needing to go to the toilet whilst I was out and what the toilets would be like and what if someone else was in the toilet and heard me?. I would force myself to go to the toilet several times before going out and again resort to one or two tablets to prevent me from going whilst out. The next day I could be in agony because I then couldn’t go to the toilet. I then started to avoid going out with my friends and only really went out with my family who know I had these issues and were very supportive but after time even going out with them became difficult. I stopped going for appointments at the dentist again just for the fear of needing the toilet whilst in the chair. In my head I thought what if I there isn’t a toilet and I can’t stop myself, so I just avoided it. These feelings just spiralled out of proportion and this was now controlling all aspects of my life.

I was struggling with work; I had lost all my confidence. I wasn’t going out; I couldn’t even face a simple task like going to the supermarket on my own. It was affecting my whole life and now also impacting on my family as we had stopped doing things together as I always made an excuse. I was slowly becoming depressed and felt that I had lost control of my life. I wasn’t happy and knew I had to find some help.

I found Vask Therapy through social media and sent message. I wasn’t sure if this was the right route for me to take. I arranged a discover call with Vicky and a couple of days later had a 30 minutes chat with her over the phone. She was fantastic! She just listened to me pouring out my feelings. She was so understanding and I immediately warmed to her. She booked me in for a session the following week. It was quite an ordeal going to see Vicky, as going somewhere new on my own was what brought on my anxiety. However, I was determined to get help and I forced myself to go. As soon as I met her face to face, she was so calming and she really went out of her way to reassure me. First thing she showed me was where the toilet was to put me at ease. After just a couple of minutes I was relaxed. My session lasted 4 hours, I hadn’t been anywhere new in the last 12 months for that length of time! The time went so quickly. During the session we talked about both our experiences and Vicky opened up about her own life which is so inspiring. We laughed and we cried but all the way through my session I felt in safe hands. Vicky was able to relax me through hypnosis and then get me to pull out memories from years ago. She then is able to challenge these beliefs and get to the route and the cause of my IBS! I had never even considered I had IBS before and just thought it was in my mind.

After my session with Vicky, I felt so relieved that I had found someone to help me, and she has most defiantly done that. My life has changed so much for the better, I cannot believe it myself. I can now go out anywhere and do not get anxious or worry about going to the toilet. I am now able to all the things I had once avoided. I have been out with my family, out with friends. I’ve been shopping, been to the dentist, been to a concert…….everything I enjoy I can now do. OMG Vicky has worked a miracle for me and I can’t thank her enough. I am so pleased to have met her and for her help and I am so grateful for you for giving me my life back. Thank you V X”

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