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Overcoming Anxiety

Ever wondered what it would look like if you could overcome your stress and anxiety?

Take it from someone who has:


“For most of my adult life I had struggled with severe anxiety. On the outside I probably looked relatively normal to my friends but inside I was struggling sometimes with the simplest of tasks most of us take for granted. Initially my anxiety was triggered when going on holiday and flying but this progressed to everyday tasks and outings, from going shopping, to meeting up with friends, to taking my children on a day out.

Over the years I had tried talking to doctors, group counselling, hypnosis, CBT and on occasions medication. Although some helped mildly, nothing got to the root of the problem.

As I was getting older the anxiety was becoming more and more crippling. It was not only preventing me from enjoying life, it was also restricting my family and impacting not only my life but also theirs. I thought I tried everything and that this was how the rest of my life was going to be and I was probably on the verge of depression.

I then came across a story on Facebook about a former air hostess who was launching a ‘fear of flying’ therapy. Desperate to be able to go on holiday once again with my family I thought I would get in touch with her and see if she could help.

From that first initial cry for help to Vicky, I cannot express how fantastic she has been. After talking to her on the phone for 30 minutes she immediately put me at ease. She wanted to know about me and my anxiety and any other issues. At no point during this conversation did I feel patronised or rushed. She just listened. Then she told me about her own life experiences and how she can relate to a lot of my issues which to be honest I was blown away by how inspirational this lady is. She then went through what Rapid Transformational Therapy is and how it could help, not just with my fear of flying but also with my other anxiety issues. After ten minutes into this call, I already knew I wanted to do this with Vicky. She booked me in for the following week for our face-to-face session.

I was extremely anxious attending the session but within five minutes of meeting Vicky in person I felt totally relaxed. My session with her was intense and lasted for 4 hours. During that time, I cried, I laughed and talked about things that I had blocked out for 30 years. However, at the end of the session I felt amazing. She also gave me a recording to listen to for the next three weeks.

Fast forward four weeks and I can only describe my session with Vicky as life changing. I feel absolutely amazing. Every part of my life has improved. My confidence is high, my energy levels are through the roof, and my anxiety has almost gone. I have been able to go out, push myself towards new challenges and stop this once crippling illness in its tracks.

I cannot thank Vicky enough. This incredible, amazing, inspiring lady is truly unique! She has a fantastic gift and she is so committed and determined to help you. Her positive energy, compassion and her selflessness transform’s lives. She is not there just for the short-term she’s there as long as you need her.

If you’re struggling, please don’t!

I wish I had met Vicky years ago but I am extremely grateful I have found her now. Vicky and VASK Therapy have changed my life, and I now have my life back and that is truly phenomenal!

Please never be ashamed of mental health. The more people I speak to and open up about my previous issues the more I am amazed how many people struggle with similar problems. Vicky has helped hundreds of people with various issues. It seems that people are reluctant to post a review for others to see as it’s seen as admitting to the world you had a problem and I understand that’s hard.

Yes, I had a problem and now I don’t and I want to shout about that, not only for me but for Vicky so she can continue to help others. So, I’m proud that I’m not ashamed to say I had mental health issues but now I’ve kicked its arse!!

Vicky has a saying that she just wants to ‘Touch lives, make a difference and leave her own footprint’ Well she certainly does that!

From the bottom of my heart Thank you Vicky x”


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