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Anxiety, Stress and IBS – One clients story

I love seeing what a difference my therapy brings to my clients! This one around stress, anxiety and IBS completely encapsulates what I do:

“Last night I saw my friend I had mention to you who struggles herself with anxiety. She asked how I had got on and I started to cry ( in a good way) I was struggling to get the words out but eventually managed to get out ‘ It’s changed my life!’. (God, I’m fighting them tears now lol).

I thought I just have to let you know how much has changed in just a week…… are you ready?

My mindset has changed so much it’s crazy?! Aswell as my anxiety levels being through the roof, my confidence was at an all-time rock bottom. My energy levels were low and I had completely lost my mojo.

Over the last week I have gone out, I’ve gone shopping both on my own and with Adam and usually before would have to go to the toilet several times before- hand and get myself worked up, this week though this have been a lot better. Another silly thing I’ve been able to do this week is get back in my car and enjoy it. I’ve always loved cars and been a bit of a ‘ girl racer’ lol, and always wanted a sports car. I was so lucky to get my old little pride and joy a couple of years ago but because it was a little low two-seater, I used to feel a bit of an old bird in a sports car and a bit of guilt , so only used it occasionally. This weekend and the last few days……WOW! I have been in it every day for a few hours and got my youth back, wind in my hair, bloody great!

Another huge change for me has been my diet and fitness level which I could only describe prior to seeing you as crap! My weight is at the highest it has ever been. As soon as I would start a diet by day three, I would give up.

My daily routine wasn’t good. I would have a couple of biscuits for breakfast, get into work and be sat at my desk a majority of the day. When I got home have probably have a bag of crisps before dinner, after dinner a chocolate bar and then by 8pm just veg in front of the TV. Occasionally I would go with Adam to take the dogs for a walk, but whereas he loves to go up and down all over the chase, if I went on a walk, I would make us go on the flat along the canal lol.

Now I have been telling myself each morning ‘ I am enough’ I have also thought this is the time to change and yes, I can do this. After my night out on Friday last week, I had said to Adam that on Saturday morning we would get up early and take the dogs over the chase. He probably thought yeah right… but on Saturday morning we got up at 5.30am and went over the chase and did a 4-mile walk. Nearly bloody killed me, had to stop to get my breath a few times but did it… Boom! This morning was day 5 of doing this so we get up early and out for 5.30am. This morning I didn’t have to stop once…..get me??? 20 miles in 5 days, the last time I did that ….well I can’t remember and I even have a blister on my foot!. The dogs love it, Adam think’s it’s brilliant and I have to say I feel fabulous when I get home that I’ve done it. This then sets me up for the day, and even at work the last couple of days I am back in my game! I have also changed my diet and haven’t had a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar since last week, and to be honest don’t miss it. Results so far 4lb loss….get in!

So, you wonderful, amazing, inspirational lady I wanted to let you know what you have done for me. Thank you so much.  I know it’s early days but I am blown away with the results so far. I do want to book another session in the not-too-distant future to really bottom everything out but I will carry on listening to my recording every night over the next couple of weeks, but I am determined to do this.

Is this a bit much to put in a review lol? Hope you don’t mind my essay but I am just so chuffing chuffed! I am spreading the word, keep posting your videos and keep doing what you are doing, you are truly are changing people’s lives.

THANKYOU so much”

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety and IBS don’t hesitate, get in touch and book your FREE discovery call.

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