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Fear of Flying Interview with Paul Tizzard (LoveFly)

Flying without fear…

I had the absolutely delightful pleasure, to get on board with Paul Tizzard’s (Virgin Atlantic) LoveFly podcast to talk about how to overcome Anxiety, Stress, and Fear of flying to empower that flying confidence that you’ve had trapped somewhere for far too long!

It’s time to take your control back and fly, go explore and enjoy our wonderful world and make marvelous memories for a lifetime!

I’m an ex-Flight Supervisor, turned Clinical Specialist Hypnotherapist & I flew during 9/11. There are lots of tools & techniques to help you out there, as there are 3 layers to the Fear of Flying: KNOWLEDGE, EVENT, and TRAUMA.

I specialize in the EVENT AND TRAUMA emotions, which are the deeper feelings of the root cause, of the presenting symptom of Anxiety, Stress, and Fear of Flying.

For a deeper Fear of Flying or Stress and Anxiety: You need to change the story that you have been telling yourself. Unresolved trauma will need to be addressed for you to overcome the root cause of your fear of flying permanently. You need to go subconsciously to find the real emotional root reason for your trauma.

You will probably come across emotional memories, absorbing events, and life-changing times that formed your first belief about your Fear of Flying. All our beliefs are formed before the age of 8yrs. (I was a teacher after I was widowed young, which ended my flying career.) Hence, I understand how our young ‘sponge-like’ childhood mind, holds all our emotional answers and attachment feelings, subconsciously.

It can start with a memory of a book, a film, an off-the-cuff comment, a bullying incident, or a sibling argument, the list is endless. But once those feelings are realized, because you created them, you can uncreate them.

You can then reframe your Anxiety, Stress around the Fear of Flying belief… subconsciously. The conscious mind (logical mind) won’t reframe a subconscious mind (emotional mind) repetitive belief, a habit of thought, or an overwhelming overthinking, that’s why you need to choose to change to empower flying confidence, subconsciously. But can you overcome your Anxiety, Stress & Fear of flying, to gain control of that feeling trapped emotion so you can empower flying confidence…Absolutely!

Your attitude to altitude will help you soar every time!

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