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Fear of Flying Guided Meditations

Fear of flying stopping you taking that trip of a lifetime or visiting family?

You know that the reality is that it’s that these are the memorable moments, the adventurous moments you crave.

We know this kind of fear can destroy family holidays or those dream once in a lifetime trips.
Stop letting fear, anxiety and stress take over and start exploring this wonderful planet that we are blessed to live on – with confidence!
I’ve put together 3 audio meditations for you based on the three stages of your trip. Pre flight, In flight and Return flight.
They will guide you and help you through each stage, to help give you a sense of calm and confidence.

This guided meditation is the first step. If you have anticipation anxiety and stress from the moment you book your holiday you need to overcome those first steps. The pre-flight steps.

Single downloadable audio – £15

The next step in your journey, in-flight and on board the aircraft. You’ve got on board the plane, you can feel your anxiety rising, this audio is intended for in-flight use when you need to find that inner calm.

Single downloadable audio – £15

You’ve made it to your destination, you’ve had an amazing time. But, you’ve got the return flight jitters in spite of the amazing memories you’ve made with your family, a day or two before you fly home are lost to that anxiety and stress again. You need help to get back on that return flight.

Single downloadable audio – £15

Flying Confidence Bundle

Need all 3? Get access to all three audio’s mentioned above to cover pre-flight, in-flight and return flight.

Bonus: Get my downloadable flying guide with extra tips and techniques to help you overcome fear of flying.

3 x downloadable audio’s – £40